We wish to thank absolutely everyone who supported our 2015 Christmas Gift (Refugee Appeal) when we asked our Christmas Party guests and other hotel and conference centre clients for gifts of clothing, boots and shoes etc. that we could transport to aid desperately needy refugees entering Europe from Syria in particular.

A mammoth total of 1,848 gifts were received and as promised Daniel Hannan personally drove them to one of the most needy of Refugee Camps in Dobova, Slovenia, very close to the border with Croatia. The gifts were very gratefully received indeed by very, very needy refugees.

We chose Dobova in Slovenia  because of the desperate need and the lack of  support being offered to Refugees entering Schengen Europe via that particular camp.

Dobova is notorious as a Refugee Camp. Described by many as more of a ‘Concentration Camp’ than a refuge for human beings seeking shelter and hope of a new life, great care had to be taken in a place where the Army  and Police have been given extraordinary power and special measures to treat asylum seekers as they see fit.

The result of these new powers has been detrimental not just to the refugees but perhaps to the future of Europe as we know it. The border between EU State of Slovenia and its neighbour Croatia (another EU State) has been closed using a seriously vicious type of Razor Wire that not only deters humans from crossing it, it Rips Animals to Shreds who become entangled in the two-metre tall balls of Razor Wire stretching for hundreds and hundreds of miles across open country and near to villages and towns all along Slovenia’s border with Croatia.

Daniel Hannan photographed both inside the Camp at Dobova and along the Razor Wire Border with Croatia. He met local people and he saw the Police and Army in action. To read his disturbing report on this very worrying place please email Daniel direct via his email address at dph@sturmerhall.com.

But please be warned, his report is not for the faint hearted. 



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