Organising superb Christmas Parties is not that simple. Everyone in the office is relying on you to deliver the ultimate work party night out, and many think it a doddle to achieve it.
Here at Sturmer Hall , we have over 25 years experience in organising Christmas Parties and we know its not easy and requires detailed planning as well as a lot of thought by highly motivated , bright people: so read our top tips for getting it right, and without working yourself into the ground in the process.

No 1 Tip:  Get a brief and a per person budget from the boss

When the boss asks you to organise the party, make sure you get the following information:

  • Per person budget
  • Standing or seated
  • Location (be sure to mention us in case he or she doesn’t get out much nowadays).
  • Find out: Will a speech, presentation or awards be given out
  • Does the Company have any other objectives other than everyone having a good time?

Don’t let them say ‘just gather a few ideas’, remember you wouldn’t go shopping for a genuine Rolex Watch if your budget was more suited to a looky-looky man watch, available off the beach in Benidorm.

No 2 Tip: Recruit a committee 

Create a Christmas party team and delegate! It’s a great way to get people involved and means you don’t have to run around like a headless chicken. How can they help?

  • It’s good to have a few people help with venue research and attend show rounds (and that is something we are happy to arrange here at Sturmer Hall)
  • The masterchef judging panel! Good food is vital to any event, and especially so if you are planning a big splash event where your company are inviting important people like major clients, so make sure the venue offers you a tasting where you and the team can decide on a menu that is suitable to people attending your exclusive party.
  • The finances – get someone from the Accounts Dept. on the committee to deal with the finances, especially  if that’s not your strong point.
  • The RSVP process. No-one has time to chase attendance from hundreds or even dozens of of people, get a team member to manage the RSVP process. We recommend using eventbrite, which is a free tool which can be used to send out invites, manage the RSVP’s, send tickets, collect dietary requirements and even provide a seating plan.

No 3 Tip:  Don’t let the boss deliver a boring financial speech at the Christmas party

Honestly, not one person will listen, not even his or her other half – it really is that simple. Presentations and speeches at Christmas parties are best kept for thank you’s. If your bosses have business statistics to deliver,  put them in an email and send it round to everyone in the team during the day. Your work colleagues are more likely to absorb it with a cup of coffee at their desk instead of trying to concentrate after a few cocktails at the party.

No 4 Tip: Remember to cater for all

Whilst many will let their inhibitions go at your Christmas party, not everyone wants to shoot Tequila and bop around the dancefloor. Create pockets of entertainment, the show stopping dancefloor with high energetic acts, mingling entertainment acts (like magicians) in the lounge areas and even the classic casino for those who fancy a flutter. Our team at Sturmer Hall are expert in producing something different at Christmas Parties, so be cute and give them a call on 01440 705 368 to discuss ways we can ensure everyone who attends has the the night of  their life this Christmas Party Season.

No 5 Tip:  Choose a location with good transport links and a well resourced taxi rank

At Sturmer Hall, we lay on a taxi rank to ensure our guests can get a cab at the end of the evening. A poor location for a party can be a real sticker, but at Sturmer Hall we have large, easy to access, event and overnight parking facilities and its FREE for guests to park here. If you wish we can arrange, coaches, minibuses and even limousines to both get you here and get you home, so be sure to talk to our Christmas Party Events Manager before you get too fazed over travel issues.

No 6 Tip:  Enjoy yourself

Make sure you choose a venue like Sturmer Hall that really will take the stress away from you so you can enjoy the champagne and put your dancing shoes on. Here at Sturmer Hall, we make sure you don’t lift a finger, you can take the praise, but rest assured we will do all the really hard work.

Note: To learn even more about planning the ultimate office or works Christmas Party why not pop over to see us, view the venue for yourself and have a chat about your gig and how you want to see it happen. If you think it worthwhile call us direct on 01440 705 368.

To Learn More about our shared Christmas Parties held at Sturmer Hall – click here  


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