♦    Christmas Parties in 2017

Whether here at Sturmer Hall or a venue nearer to you, we have the experience and the gear to cater for Exclusive Private Parties ranging from 100 to 1,800 guests.

We host fantastic themed parties not just here at Sturmer Hall,  but across the UK as well.  Organising completely bespoke events to suit your individual tastes and your company budget. Whether you are looking for a unique venue, beautifully crafted catering or jaw-dropping production, we are sure we can help.

♦  Our Christmas Party Philosophy is ever so simple:

We focus on the finest quality food and service and pride ourselves on providing a spectacular backdrop for you to create a truly memorable night with your friends, colleagues, and fellow party-goers. We don’t leave anything to chance either; with an avalanche of fabulous entertainment, top bands, fairground frolics, delicious dishes and other festive delights we ensure that everyone has a party night to remember. We understand what it takes to create that unforgettable, infectious, festive atmosphere – and we work with you to ensure the needs, hopes and desires of your company are complete whenever we do business.

♦   About our Shared Christmas Parties:

We recognise to that not every company is big enough to host a large Christmas Party entirely on its own. If that’s you or if you simply prefer to mingle with others this Christmas, our venue at Sturmer Hall is perfect for smaller groups from 8 to 150 looking to book tickets to a Christmas Party with the perfect mix of atmosphere and entertainment.

For information on both shared and private parties this Christmas please call our Events Team on 01440 705 368

Either way, we make life easy for you and ensure you can relax and enjoy your Christmas party knowing absolutely everything is perfect.

Some of the East of England’s biggest and best employers have enjoyed and complimented Sturmer Hall on its Christmas Parties.

Many clients return year after year. In the words of one client: “Sturmer Hall offers excellent value, is a great Christmas party venue and has a way and style of doing things that always leaves our people excited and delighted. We will be back!”

To learn more about the Christmas Party Season at Sturmer Hall this year, please call Alix Massey on 01440 705 368.




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