♦    Family Fun Days 

Sturmer Hall hosts and produces family fun days that are exactly what its says on the tin – Fun for the whole family!

The very best Corporate Family Fun Days  drop the corporate bit and put all the emphasis on family and fun. These special and very worthwhile days amount to the biggest team building event you will ever likely throw money at. They repair office and warehouse staff divides, they bring together salesmen and women normally out on the road who rarely, if ever, get the chance to meet or thank the colleagues in the packing department who got that important parcel out on time to a potentially difficult customer . But most important of all they create a sense of belonging among the workforce that adds real value to your company.

Staff are not just a very valuable asset to any company they are increasingly difficult and more so  increasingly expensive to replace. Happy staff don’t leave, happy staff don’t let you down anything like as often and happy staff bring a smile to your customers.

Feeling valued by your employer is said to be among the most common reasons people don’t move jobs. Demonstrating respect for your employees in front of their families and friends does more than just about anything else to improve family / work pressures and properly managed it can prove a great recruitment tool.

To discuss ways in which we can help your company deliver a fantastic day out to your staff and their families and to learn how the cost need not be a reason to prevent you doing it drop us an email via info@sturmerhall.com showing your interest in hosting a Corporate Family Fun Day at Sturmer Hall and we will  arrange for a senior member of our Event Management Team to give you a call.

Alternatively please call 01440 705 368 and ask to speak to Daniel Hannan.

To request a callback to discuss your enquiry, click here

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