♦    Private Dining

Whether it is business or pleasure or simply a group of family and friends getting together in a beautiful room, settled in the knowledge they will be served good food from a menu to your personally liking, is pretty much the perfect way to relax and enjoy the company of people you have chosen to be with.

At Sturmer Hall we call this special place the Music Room, home to our beautiful and wonderful sounding Yamaha Grand Piano and a place where many a lunch and dinner has been enjoyed. Each menu is created with you and your guests in mind, each place setting dependent on the formality or informality of the occasion. Here is a place you can really relax. Here is a hotel that inspires families and friends who stay overnight, sleep and arise refreshed to complete the experience with a heartening traditional breakfast.

Business lunches and dinners are no different. The experience of talking shop or celebrating a deal are better experiences when they are private and convivial and Sturmer Hall is certainly one of those little gems in the world of private dining and exclusive hotels and we would love the opportunity to share it with you.

To discuss your next private dining experience at Sturmer Hall call  01440 705 368 or email info@sturmerhall.com

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