♦    Product Launch  &  Press Days

Setting the scene for your next product launch is vital to its success, yet sometimes so much is missed.

Sturmer Hall recognises the need for perfect lighting, perfect staging, perfect brochures, perfect models, perfect canapes, perfect PR and so many other perfect things, but we also recognise the other million and one things that make up the other chunk of stuff that goes into creating a perfect vehicle for the big day itself.

We are not just a venue, not just a hall for hire, not just a field with some grass – No, we are a business that serves businesses like yours and we take the time to get it right every time.

We understand completely what it takes to make the right impression. We understand that your invited guests and especially your Trade Press Contacts need special handling with a special level of support and back-office facilities  and we deliver what they need, helping ensure you get the column inches you hoped for, in a manner and at a level you hardly dared dream about.

TV Crews find it not just easy to park, they love the technical support they get as they go about the job of video news gathering for the next live regional news bulletin. Radio Stations love the fact they can operate without hindrance on a site that is media friendly in every way.

Catering facilities range from a high class restaurant with superb private dining facilities to one of the biggest open air barbecues and tented international food festivals you will ever likely find in this part of the world. Food is a passion here at Sturmer Hall and the quality of what we do, and how we do it, sets us apart from most venues suited to Product Launches.

Situated in NW Essex, close to Cambridge, yet only a 30 minute drive from London Stansted Airport and the millions of Europeans that great airport serves means holding your event at Sturmer Hall opens your next product launch up to a European wide market and buyers who can if they wish fly over to see your product one day and as often as not fly back that same day without the pressure of being away from their home market too long.

The team at Sturmer Hall is headed by our founder and  venue owner Daniel Hannan who has many years experience helping launch new products for clients and in ensuring Product Launches under his watch are completed successfully and without hitch.

To learn more about Product Launches or Press Days at Sturmer Hall and how we can be of assistance to you;  simply call 01440 705 368 or drop us an email via: info@sturmerhall.com and a member of our Customer Relations Team will get back in touch.

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