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Their is a wonderful triangle of cycling heaven around these parts that passes through chocolate box villages and along leafy country lanes, past historic monuments and you can enjoy it all without hardly ever seeing a traffic light on the whole darned trip.

Sturmer Hall sits on the very edge of NW Essex close to the county borders with Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, but it is the safety of the country lanes and winding country cycle paths thats draw so many bicycle lovers to this part of the world. Not for us the traffic problems of city cycling, not for us the dangers narrow but busy roads, no we know the best routes, the interesting routes and we know where every bike friendly pub and cafe is on the way there, and back.

To find out more about cycling in these parts simply drop us an email via info@sturmerhall.com and we will be pleased to bring you up to speed with all we know.

In a hurry? Why not call us direct on 01440 705 368

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