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As winter turns to spring bikers across the northern hemisphere stir and begin the final planning of road trips that have gripped their imaginations throughout the long dark nights that once restricted their greatest pleasure.

City folks seek the fresh air of the country roads, experienced riders treasure the idea of new challenges and European visitors and tourists from even further afield thrill at the idea of touring Britain for the first time. Yet all have the same desire to share their experiences and their stories at the end of a great day on the road.

Sturmer Hall not only welcomes Motorbike Tourists it offers a safe base, excellent parking and some of the very best ride-outs in England.

Our hotel is well suited to motorbike tourists and has for many years welcomed Trikes, Harleys, Yamahas, BMW’s, Norton’s, Goldwings and just about every other brand of bike ridden by people who not only love their bikes, but love the quality of hotel we provide.

If your planned trip means you have to leave your bike behind why not consider hiring one of our Harley Davidson motorcycles. The feel, the buzz its real – and the thunder that sharpens your brain is often the best tonic ever half way through an otherwise exhausting business trip.

To learn more about Motorbike Tours in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire or hiring one of our Harley Davidson Motorcycles email info@sturmerhall.com

To call us direct dial 01440 705 368

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