♦ Restaurants

Dining is an essential part of the Sturmer Hall experience. Inspired by the pick of field, wood, river and sea, our menus are bursting with flavour and imagination.
From the slightly more formal Music Room to the relaxed and informal West Terrace, we have a restaurant space to suit all tastes and occasions.
All of our restaurants are open to Sturmer Hall guests and day visitors alike, although booking is essential if you are a non-resident.
The main dining room has been the heart of Sturmer Hall since the beginning. In the morning, it’s home to the legendary Sturmer Hall breakfast, by night it’s a truly sumptuous dining experience.
Whether it be breakfast , lunch or dinner our hotel restaurant at Sturmer Hall offers an excellent range of International menu’s. Food is freshly prepared, much from local ingredients, but with our clientele in mind and with so many of our returning guests aware that we are always happy to prepare their favourite food you will gather what we do, we do for you.
For further information or to request details of our menus (that change daily), please us on 01440 705 368 or email  info@sturmerhall.com


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