♦    Stargazing at Sturmer Hall

Sitting on the South Terrace at Sturmer Hall, on a clear night late in the evening, with the lights dimmed is like entering a different world. A world where stars fill the sky and silence fills the air. It’s a place to relax, to meet new friends and to think about a fact told to me by a very interesting New Zealander who stayed with with us recently.

She said:

“Did you know. If all the known stars in the universe were divided among everyone on Earth, we would each own about 44.2 trillion stars.”

We thought we would share that amazing fact with you, as we hope to share the view from the South Terrace at Sturmer Hall with you one night soon.

To learn more of Sturmer Hall, and its unique place underneath the stars, simply call our Guest Relations Manager on 01440 705 368 .

Email: info@sturmerhall.com


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