♦   Archery at Sturmer Hall

“Toeing the line” on our dedicated Archery range will enable you to learn the basics of Target Archery in all its practice and forms. Using our recurve bows your instructor will teach, inform and develop your skill in this ancient sport. and ensure you have the time of your live learning how to do it correctly.

Having Archery as a leisure activity either during lunch or after a hard day in the training or conference suite is very rewarding indeed. Delegates will take to it and the benefits are obvious when you see the smiles and hear the positive feedback that a bit of time shooting arrows brings to your next corporate gathering.

Archery Evenings at Sturmer Hall

Better value and more exciting than Cocktail Parties, Sturmer Hall Archery Evenings followed by a glass or two of fine wine and delicious food is a super way to spend a summers evening in the company of friends, colleagues and business associates.

Not only is Target Archery at Sturmer Hall fun to do it really is easy when our professional coaches are on hand to help and pass on some really useful tips. Men and women can enjoy it in equal measure, kids can be coached as well , if your group requires it, and a great night out can pretty much be assured by everyone in attendance.

To learn more about Archery Evenings and Archery Classes at Sturmer Hall simply drop us an email via: info@sturmerhall.com and we will arrange for a member of our Events Management Team to get in touch. Alternatively please call 01440 705 368 to speak to a member of our Events Management Team.

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