♦    Blind Driving at Sturmer Hall

Seriously, it’s fun to do. Some spouses may think you do it anyway, but as a sport it’s a bit more tricky than you might think.

Essentially it amounts to the driver being blindfolded and having to listen hard to the words of his or her co-driver sat in the passenger seat of the vehicle, whose job it is to direct the driver and the vehicle through a slalom style course of traffic cones and other obstacles with the minimum of ‘hits’, but in the fastest course time.

It takes real skill, good coordination and the ability to listen in equal measure. It teaches the need to listen to your work colleagues properly and to react to the tone of their voice as well as the words spoken. It helps create a bond between people who work closely together and it brings a smile to everyone’s face the next time they have to say to someone at work; “Do you ever listen?”

So next time you are looking for something different as part of a team building day ask us about Blind Driving Events at Sturmer Hall and remember that it’s generally much less likely (statistically) to cause people to be seen hobbling into work next day than say a five-a-side football match would do.

The Sturmer Hall  Blind Driving Course Information Pack can be sent to you by first contacting : info@sturmerhall.com and requesting an information pack.

Alternatively please call 01440 705 368 and ask to speak to a member of our Events Management Team who will be pleased to answer any questions you might raise.

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