♦    Grass Track Running

Here at Sturmer Hall we are blessed with the best that nature provides and that is what gives us the luxury of an ‘easy on the foot’, fairly natural, grass running track that while not as easy as you might think cardio wise is lovely to run on and great on the eye.

A few laps in the morning or after work before dinner will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go after a day sat in the office breathing something less than the fresh country air you will inhale running, jogging or even walking around our estates Grass Running Track.

Traffic free, safe of foot and gentler on the joints Grass Running Tracks are particularly helpful if you suffer from knee, hip or ankle joint injuries. Be sure though to wear decent quality running or sports shoes that support your ankles in particular since running or jogging injuries do happen and can happen especially when you are out of the habit of running and or your running style has changed somewhat since those heady days when you tripped the light fantastic and covered mile upon mile in the glint of an eye.

To learn more about walking, jogging or running around Sturmer Hall Estates near 1-mile-long natural Grass Running Track email: info@sturmerhall.com and we will forward you details of the state of play conditions wise at the time of year that interests you most.


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