♦    Paint Ball Fun

This is a game where you soon discover whether you have what it takes to defeat the enemy?

You will find yourself running, dodging and camouflaging yourself amongst the scenery. It’s fun, safe and maybe a little bit scary too.
Absolutely this is the ultimate game of elimination and exhilaration and requires real stealth and guts to overcome the opposition. Sturmer Halls trained Marshals  will ensure you are provided with the suitable protective gear, combat suit and gun, so get ready to let the battle commence. On your arrival you will be assigned a team from within your group or you can pre-organise your teams according as you wish to see them leaders and all – You will then be sent out into the wilderness to play an exciting game of paintball. There will be a selection of paintball scenarios for you to test your skills and strategy. You will certainly need to be resourceful and daring and work as part of a team to be triumphant; and in a way it will bring your leaders, often previously undiscovered or unsuspected leaders, to the fore.

Its a great day out in which you will experience a combat situation via this high adrenaline sport. You might hide in the undergrowth and storm the enemy from behind trees, just catch them before they catch you or wait while you work out there strategy before ambushing their entire team. Like a platoon of highly trained snipers you might decide to keep your eyes peeled and your finger on the trigger ready and waiting.

Whatever, it will be your call, your decision, your success or your failure.

This is a game where your your failure is your failure and your success a personal success – along with your buddies of course.

What you will find is Included ?

  • Hire of all equipment required.
  • Including hire of Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun.
  • Upto 10 Paintball Games per person
  • Upto 100 Paintballs per person
  • A delicious Hot Fork lunch
  • Team Photograph

Start and finish times are fixed according to the needs of your group and of course, at the end the victorious team will be seen as champions and the losers, well they will be pretty much well dead and buried (or at least left to settle the bar bill in stylish hotel bar afterwards).

To learn more about Paintballing and Paintballing Team Building Days at Sturmer Hall simply drop us an email via info@sturmerhall.com

To speak with us direct call us on Tel:  01440 705 368

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