♥  St Mary’s Church, Sturmer

Beautiful, romantic and perfectly suited to weddings, Sturmer Parish Church is located within the estate grounds of Sturmer Hall and is perfect for couples looking to marry in a Church of England Church.

Today the Church of England is more relaxed, more flexible and more willing than ever to see people married in church, and so you need not be afraid to discuss this with our local vicar, The Rev Jonathan Lowe. And note, you no longer need to reside in the Parish (although it does make things easier if you do).

From the moment you walk through the ancient oak doors, St Mary’s Church offers that fairy-tale venue for two people in love to get married.

And don’t worry, if you have been divorced, you are not automatically banned from a church wedding. There are guidelines on marriage in church, and we would suggest you have a conversation with the Vicar, who you will find is both helpful and keen to assist you realise your perfect wedding.

For further information on getting married at St Mary’s Church, Sturmer please call us on 01440 705368 or email us info@sturmerhall.com 

To contact Jonathan (our local vicar) directly:

The Rev Jonathan Lowe
3 Church Street
Steeple Bumpstead
Essex CB9 7DG
Tel: 01440 731 687
Email: vicar@tworiversbenefice.org.uk



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