♥   Wedding Ideas Galore

Creating the perfect wedding takes time, thought and a great deal of effort for most brides-to-be yet there are some very simple tasks and rules that if considered at the outset make creating and planning a wonderful wedding so much simpler, and yes, so stress free you’ll actually get to enjoy ‘the planning of your day’.

Sturmer Hall was developed in recent years with weddings in mind. Weddings of every kind: Posh weddings, Simple weddings, Small & Intimate weddings, Cultural & Themed weddings, Civil Ceremony Weddings and beautiful Church Weddings in St Mary’s Church, that is next door to the hotel and you can stroll up to.

So whether you are determined to do it all yourself or you plan to hire an experienced wedding planner to help you pull it all together you would be wise to sit and have a chat with Sturmer Hall’s owner and General Manager Daniel Hannan. Daniel is an expert not just in weddings but in the whole theatrical world that surrounds weddings. He knows everything front and back of house and he knows where spending money makes a difference and where it makes no real difference at all.

‘Seeing is believing’ . . .  and never a truer three words have been spoken.

To make an appointment to view Sturmer Hall Hotel and all it has to offer, please call us on 01440 705 368 or email info@sturmerhall.com


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