♥     Mid-Week and Off-Peak Weddings from £2,950

Getting married on a weekday has become very popular in recent years. For some it’s about saving money for others it is about keeping weekends for other things, but for many brides to be it is about getting everything together in a more stress-free environment than it would be if you were to choose a midsummer Saturday to get married.

Everything from the church to the venue is likely to be more easily available. Florists, photographers, chauffeurs, hairdressers and everyone else you may employ will likely have greater availability (as well as reduced prices) on offer midweek, and of course, all that leads to much less stress placed upon the bride-to-be as she sets about pulling together plans for her big day.

At Sturmer Hall the venue is just as magnificent on a weekday as it is on a Saturday. The gardens are the same and food equally delicious. The only real difference is the price you pay.

Weddings  pretty much everywhere in the UK as priced on a seasonal and weekday or weekend rate. The system seems daft we know but there are significant financial savings to be had by hosting your wedding on a weekday (Monday to Thursday) and it can be fairly significant savings when everything you are likely to need or want is taken into consideration. Financial savings on everything including dress hire, cars, flower arrangements, etc.etc. can be substantial both individually and when pooled together and it can often mean you can afford that special effect you always  thought you could never afford at your wedding.

The people who love you will come to your wedding no matter what. Often as not they might prefer the fact you are getting married midweek, leaving their treasured weekends free for their own family fun and sporting and leisure pursuits. Most people today have flexible holiday arrangements and given reasonable notice have no problem booking a couple of days off work to attend a wedding. Even weddings where lots of school-aged children  are likely to be invited can be accommodated midweek if you plan around the main school holidays and half-term breaks.

Honeymoon costs too are often reduced when you marry midweek and when everything is put together you will  likely find there really are some compelling reasons for giving a weekday wedding some serious thought.

To learn more about Weekday Weddings and Off-Peak Weddings at Sturmer Hall simply email  weddings@sturmerhall.com


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