♦   The Stand-up  Comedy  Club

Live, alive and a great night out. The Stand-up Comedy Club at Sturmer Hall really is a brilliant night out, whether  as a couple, with a group of friends or on your own, (sitting by the bar).

Our comedy nights at Sturmer Hall are produced in association with some of Britain’s most famous comedy clubs and star many of the very top names on the comedy circuit.

Our bar is open throughout the gig and you’ll find the venue itself is one of the most stylish, comfortable and professional set-ups on the comedy club circuit today.

Parking is free and easy at all our Stand-up Comedy Club gigs, but please remember NOT to drink alcohol and drive. Patrons cars can be left overnight in our car park, free of charge, so don’t take a chance.

Sturmer Hall Comedy Club Tickets can be tough to get as shows can sell out very quickly indeed. To be sure of getting news of gigs as they are announced it’s always best to  join our mailing list.

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