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How far do you hit the ball?

Golfer at Sturmer Hall

At Sturmer Hall, we first ask guests looking to use our Golf Range a simple question:

How far do you hit the ball? No seriously, how far DO you hit the ball? Most golfers will answer honestly, but totally inaccurately as nearly all of them don’t know how far they hit it. Having worked with golfers and having hosted golfers for almost 22 years, we’ve found that everybody in the UK hits the ball off the tee 250 yards! It seems that 250 is the magic figure, in Europe, it’s probably 250 meters! The truth is that we all have an unrealistic perception of how long-hitting we are. When we get to the range, these people that tell us they’re 250-yard drivers are adamant that it’s the “ball compression”, ” wind direction”, or just merely uncharacteristic mis-hits that result in drives failing to reach the 200-yard marker.

This delusion is not just a problem off the tee, but all through the bag, as much the same optimism holds with the irons in the bag. Most club golfers work yardages off a 7 iron, they almost all believe they hit a 7 iron 150 yards (some think it’s an 8) and so with 10-12 yards between they hit a 5 iron 170-175 and so on. In reality, we find that few golfers have that magical yardage separation in between clubs. The problem is that they just don’t think about it or have the facility to rectify the situation. This is why most golfers keep failing to carry that bunker off the tee and leave 99% of approach shots short of the flag.

While here at Sturmer Hall we think it is an excellent time to look at how far you really do hit the ball and whether your yardages are right. It takes a little time out of your day, but it will help you better your game when you get home. We also think it’s worth taking a couple of hours to work with our professional and to take a few tips home as regards using a bit of modern technology. Whereas the tour player has his/her caddy stand down the range, a launch monitor, range finder or simple Doplar radar device will give the correct data.

When you carry out these sessions, try to hit as few balls as possible to avoid fatigue. If you hit say 6 – 10 balls with each club, this will be more than adequate. If the mis-hits with the longer irons outnumber the good shots, then maybe as a player you just don’t have good enough technique to use those clubs. We often find golfers hit their 5 iron further than both their 4 and 3 irons because that is the longest club they hit properly, consistently.

If you feel there is something in what we say and fancy taking up the opportunity to have a chat with our golf professional drop us an email via or call our Guest Relations Manager on 01440 705 368 and we will set you up with a one-on-one session with a guy that knows a thing or two about hitting a golf ball.

If on the other hand you simply want to whack a few golf balls at the beginning or end of your day then please keep in touch, as we just might like your style.

Note: Sturmer Hall is about to commence work on a new practise putting green, which (weather permitting) should be ready to play, early March 2021