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Sports & Adventures at Sturmer Hall

The activities on offer Sturmer Hall represent a great day out at any season. Whether team-building or merely relaxing at the end of a tough day. Chilling with friends or keeping fit while enjoying some family fun time. This year outdoor activities are incredibly popular because they do not only keep the spirits up but also are naturally COVID-secure. At Sturmer Hall, we can offer a wide range of outdoor activities, which provide natural social distancing. Please see a condensed list of options below. To discover more about what you can do during your visit and arrange your activities, please contact us.

Golf Facilities @ Sturmer Hall

How far do you hit the ball? No seriously, how far DO you hit the ball? Most golfers will answer honestly, but totally inaccurately as nearly all of them don’t know how far they hit it. Having worked with golfers and having hosted golfers for almost 22 years, we’ve found that everybody in the UK hits the ball off the tee 250 yards! It seems that 250 is the magic figure, in Europe, it’s probably 250 meters! The truth is that we all have an unrealistic perception of how long-hitting we are. When we get to the range, these people that tell us they’re 250-yard drivers are adamant that it’s the “ball compression”, ” wind direction”, or just merely uncharacteristic mis-hits that result in drives failing to reach the 200-yard marker.

Glamping @ Sturmer Hall

At Sturmer Hall, we always aim to create a beautiful, friendly and safe environment that families, friends and couples can come and spend much needed quality time together. Let’s face it: camping isn’t for everyone. Do you dread the prospect of the uneven ground, the soggy tent and heavy backpacks but still want to indulge yourself with all the pleasures of the outdoor experience? Fear not though: Glamping on the Sturmer Hall Estate is a truly comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors with family members and friends of any age and ability.

Archery at Sturmer Hall

“Toeing the line” on our dedicated Archery range will enable you to learn the basics of Target Archery in all its practice and forms. Using our recurve bows your instructor will teach, inform and develop your skill in this ancient sport. and ensure you have the time of your live learning how to do it correctly.

Having Archery as a leisure activity either during lunch or after a hard day in the training or conference suite is very rewarding indeed. Delegates will take to it and the benefits are obvious when you see the smiles and hear the positive feedback that a bit of time shooting arrows brings to your next corporate gathering.

Archery Evenings at Sturmer Hall

Better value and more exciting than Cocktail Parties, Sturmer Hall Archery Evenings followed by a glass or two of fine wine and delicious food is a super way to spend a summers evening in the company of friends, colleagues and business associates.

Not only is Target Archery at Sturmer Hall fun to do it really is easy when our professional coaches are on hand to help and pass on some really useful tips. Men and women can enjoy it in equal measure, kids can be coached as well , if your group requires it, and a great night out can pretty much be assured by everyone in attendance.

To learn more about Archery Evenings and Archery Classes at Sturmer Hall simply drop us an email via: and we will arrange for a member of our Events Management Team to get in touch. Alternatively please call 01440 705 368 to speak to a member of our Events Management Team.

Off Road Driving – (Special Events)

Stimulating stuff, exhilarating and frankly quite a mad thing to do; but then again that’s the real joy of Off Road Driving Events at Sturmer Hall. Whether it’s a Team Building Event with a difference or a weekend away with your mates an Off Road Driving Event at Sturmer Hall…

Tailored especially for you, will certainly put more than a tiger in your tank when it comes to the appeal generated by this fantastically fun way to spend a day in the Essex countryside.

Safer than you might think and certainly great fun to do, this type of event can be part of your next planned Corporate-Away-Day or even as something intended to inject a bit of excitement at the end of an important (yet tough) meeting or conference, where quite frankly it might be a good idea to lift everyone’s spirits at the end of a stress laden day.

Sturmer Hall is a unique hotel for a variety of reasons but Off Road Driving around a hotel of this quality, followed by a fine dining experience or tasty Garden Barbecue is something to keep everyone talking for rather a long time to come.

To discover more about Off Road Driving (Special Events) at Sturmer Hall and how we might best create something special for you, simply call our Events Management Team at Sturmer Hall on Tel: 01440 705 368.

Sturmer Hall’s Shooting School

Whether a novice or crack-shot you will enjoy and benefit from time spent at the Sturmer Hall’s Shooting School in north west Essex. If you would like more practice on simulated teal, high pheasant or running hare or simply enjoy the exhilaration of Clay Pigeon shooting ranges.

The Shooting School at Sturmer Hall offers the very best in terms of sporting clays facilities and equipment. The Sturmer Hall Shooting School has a very good reputation for providing an unrivaled sporting layout and the most expert instruction in sporting clay target shooting, at all skill levels.

Whether as part of a conference or a simple meeting with friends a bit of time spent shooting at clays can be a rewarding way to set of the day.

Business meetings and team building events all come to life when the guns appear. Novices as well as experienced sportsmen will have a glint in the eye as they make their way across our parkland to the firing ranges and and the excitement that awaits them.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of hosting a Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience at Sturmer Hall please email our Shooting School Events Manager via – Alternatively call us direct on 01440 705 368.

Blind Driving at Sturmer Hall

Seriously, it’s fun to do. Some spouses may think you do it anyway, but as a sport it’s a bit more tricky than you might think. Essentially it amounts to the driver being blindfolded and having to listen hard to the words of his or her co-driver sat in the passenger seat.

The co-driver’s job it is to direct the driver and the vehicle through a slalom style course of traffic cones and other obstacles with the minimum of ‘hits’, but in the fastest course time.

It takes real skill, good coordination and the ability to listen in equal measure. It teaches the need to listen to your work colleagues properly and to react to the tone of their voice as well as the words spoken. It helps create a bond between people who work closely together and it brings a smile to everyone’s face the next time they have to say to someone at work; “Do you ever listen?”

So next time you are looking for something different as part of a team building day ask us about Blind Driving Events at Sturmer Hall and remember that it’s generally much less likely (statistically) to cause people to be seen hobbling into work next day than say a five-a-side football match would do.368.

Orienteering @ Sturmer Hall

Its a great way to spend a weekend with friends or as a Team Building Day with work colleagues. Fresh Air guaranteed it not only gets you out of the house or office, Orienteering builds skills in people and confidence in everyone, young people in particular.


To discover more about Orienteering both as a Corporate Team Building Activity or as a fun thing to with family or friends contact our Events Management Team here at Sturmer Hall and we will be delighted to give you some good solid advice to get the very best out of this great sport.

Bungee Jumping @ Sturmer Hall

You probably need to be a little crazy to try it, but they say once you’ve done your a convert for life. Bungee Jumping at Sturmer Hall is done from a crane, yes a real life mechanical crane. Its a bit zany, and a slightly bonkers way to spend your time, but it can be the very best, most exhilarating thing you ever will introduce to a corporate family fun day or out-of-sight team building event. Safer than many things you might think, Bungee Jumping from a platform attached and lifted skyward by a giant mechanical crane is simply awesome to watch, never mind be involved in, so first pick someone other than your best friend (or big boss) for the first jump and that way you’ll feel more assured as the day progresses and you find yourself tempted to be the ‘star’ of the show on the final jump of the day.

Cycling @ Sturmer Hall

Sturmer Hall is situated in the heart of some of the most exciting countryside in the south and east of England, and what better way to explore it than by bike. Whether you plan your visit as part of your very own Round-Britain-Tour or as a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life with like-minded friends, Sturmer Hall is the ideal cyclists pit-stop and place to rest your weary legs for the night before settling down to dream of the cycling pleasures in the day ahead.

Here at Sturmer Hall you will park easy, sleep easy, eat well and find yourself at the centre of some really great ride-outs. We have maps and routes for every level. Race routes, tourist routes and even routes dripping in real ale pubs. We have gentle routes, harsh routes and the odd route from hell designed to test your willpower as well as your stamina, but at the end of the day you’ll have a soothing bath to run and a luxurious clean, crisp bed ready and waiting to accommodate your weary limbs.

The food we offer is perfect for the sports person in you and dinner at Sturmer Hall is bit like breakfast: Something to really look forward too.


Bike Hire Opportunities

In summertime why not hire one of our fleet of bikes and hit the road. Each bike will have an on-bike Garmin navigational device pre-loaded with 10 circular routes varying from 12 miles to 60 miles. The fleet covers a wide selection of frame sizes allowing riders of any size to find a bike that fits. The bikes are custom built with components and accessories from some of the leading names in road cycling.

Currently available for hire (between April and September) we have:

Alloy/Carbon Bikes: These are race orientated road bikes excellent for climbing and sprinting.

All Carbon Bikes: These models are our top performing racing bikes.


Steel/Carbon Bikes: These models offer a slightly more relaxed riding position for longer rides and touring.

The bikes at Sturmer Hall are fitted with cage pedals (you do not have to clip in, normal trainers will be suitable), but if you wish to bring your own cycling shoes, we will have clip on pedals available. provided you request them at time of booking

Road Bike Hire at Sturmer Hall starts from £30 for a 4 hour (half day hire).


* Bicycle hire at Sturmer Hall is suitable for all abilities, over 18yrs only and must be pre-booked.


To discover more about Cycling in and around Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk while based at Sturmer Hall simply email : and we will get back to you with answers to any questions you raise about the great number of cycling opportunities in this region.

Paint Ball Fun @ Sturmer Hall

This is a game where you soon discover whether you have what it takes to defeat the enemy? You will find yourself running, dodging and camouflaging yourself amongst the scenery. It’s fun, safe and maybe a little bit scary too. Absolutely this is the ultimate game of elimination and exhilaration and requires real stealth and guts to overcome the opposition. Sturmer Halls trained Marshals will ensure you are provided with the suitable protective gear, combat suit and gun, so get ready to let the battle commence.

On your arrival you will be assigned a team from within your group or you can pre-organise your teams according as you wish to see them leaders and all – You will then be sent out into the wilderness to play an exciting game of paintball.

There will be a selection of paintball scenarios for you to test your skills and strategy. You will certainly need to be resourceful and daring and work as part of a team to be triumphant; and in a way it will bring your leaders, often previously undiscovered or unsuspected leaders, to the fore.

Its a great day out in which you will experience a combat situation via this high adrenaline sport. You might hide in the undergrowth and storm the enemy from behind trees, just catch them before they catch you or wait while you work out there strategy before ambushing their entire team. Like a platoon of highly trained snipers you might decide to keep your eyes peeled and your finger on the trigger ready and waiting.

Whatever, it will be your call, your decision, your success or your failure.

This is a game where your your failure is your failure and your success a personal success – along with your buddies of course.


What’s Included?

  • Hire of all equipment required.
  • Including hire of Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun.
  • Upto 10 Paintball Games per person
  • Upto 100 Paintballs per person
  • A delicious Hot Fork lunch
  • Team Photograph

Start and finish times are fixed according to the needs of your group and of course, at the end the victorious team will be seen as champions and the losers, well they will be pretty much well dead and buried (or at least left to settle the bar bill in stylish hotel bar afterwards).

To learn more about Paintballing and Paintballing Team Building Days at Sturmer Hall simply drop us an email via

To speak with us direct call us on Tel: 01440 705 368

Fishing @ Sturmer Hall

Lazy days and fun filled days or simply an evening spent letting your mind slip away after a hards days work – the options are all here when you bring your fishing tackle with you next time you plan to stay at this unique country house hotel. Our quiet yet well stocked private lake is the perfect place to relax or if you prefer, you can face the challenge of landing our biggest fish yet. Either way your day will be complete. Important Note: We regret we are rarely able to issue permits for casual day fishing to non-residents of Sturmer Hall Hotel

Air-rifle Shooting @ Sturmer Hall

Using the most advanced Pre-charged air rifles available on our dedicated 55m outdoor twelve lane, rifle range, our shooting instructors will teach, hone and develop the skills of precision shooting. As usual safety is paramount and every participant is informed of safe weapon handling and the potential effectiveness of high-powered air rifles. If you would like to discuss the possibility an Air-Rifle Shooting Experience at Sturmer Hall please email our Shooting School Events Manager via – or  call us direct on 01440 705 368.

Corporate Sports Days

Among the most popular events at Sturmer Hall in recent years are Corporate Sports Days and not just because they are a great excuse to get everyone out of the office for a day but because more and more companies are finding these action packed, fun filled days really are a great way of team building within the entire team.

Here at Sturmer Hall we have acres of parkland, loads of experience and some of the most amazing things to do. We have Archery, Bungee Jumping, Clay Pigeon Shoots, Rifle Ranges, Go-kart Racing, we have a Golf Driving Range, we do Paint Ball Games and we have lush grass Five-a-Side Football pitches, we have Mini-Rugby pitches, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and lots of garden games like Croquet and Boules. We have Mini-Tennis, Bouncy Castles, a Fishing Lake and we can even teach you how to fish for carp (successfully).

We have bicycles, we have a blind driving course with specially adapted vehicles, we have flight simulators and we have a great orienteering course right here on the Sturmer Hall Estate.

We can even arrange to have you take off in a wonderful Hot Air Balloon at the end of an exhausting, yet exhilarating day.

And if that’s not enough, then be certain that’s not all we have on offer… To find out more about Corporate Sports Days at Sturmer Hall call Daniel Hannan on 01440 705 368 or email for more information.

Fun Run @ Sturmer Hall

Road Running
Whether it’s The London Marathon or the Maratona di Roma in the eternal city that spurs you on, a training weekend or midweek stint of Road Running while based at Sturmer Hall will almost certainly help you notch up the miles you need under your belt and put a guaranteed big smile on your face at the end of each of your road running sessions.

Quiet and relaxed while resting, perfect for a good night’s sleep and surrounded by mile upon mile of roads ideally suited to marathon, 10k and 5k training routes, Sturmer Hall is a wonderfully situated hotel for road runners either here as part of a planned training regime or simply looking to keep up to scratch with a training run while in the area on business. We have information on local routes, notes on which roads it’s usually best to avoid and even information on the local running club (who by the way are very nice people and who are usually open to inviting you to join them on a training run whenever you are in the area).

Grass Track Running

Here at Sturmer Hall we are blessed with the best that nature provides and that is what gives us the luxury of an ‘easy on the foot’, fairly natural, grass running track that while not as easy as you might think cardio wise is lovely to run on and great on the eye.

A few laps in the morning or after work before dinner will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go after a day sat in the office breathing something less than the fresh country air you will inhale running, jogging or even walking around our estates Grass Running Track.

Traffic free, safe of foot and gentler on the joints Grass Running Tracks are particularly helpful if you suffer from knee, hip or ankle joint injuries. Be sure though to wear decent quality running or sports shoes that support your ankles in particular since running or jogging injuries do happen and can happen especially when you are out of the habit of running and or your running style has changed somewhat since those heady days when you tripped the light fantastic and covered mile upon mile in the glint of an eye.

Cross Country Runs

Planning a stay at Sturmer Hall is a great way of encouraging yourself to don the spikes and head for the hills during the long winter months. Running can often combat the gloom that long dark nights and dreich miserable days inflict on so many of us. Cross-Country miles are also worth so many miles more to you once the road running season starts. You’ll not just find yourself tougher and fitter after your winter miles, you’ll also find you are so much more alert, so much more focused, and definitely so much more at ease with yourself after a few good training trips in the countryside and on the cross country running trails around these parts.

Winter Cross Country Running Breaks for singles, couples and small groups are best planned well in advance to achieve the best hotel rates. When planned well in advance we can also arrange for you to run with local running club members or we can book you into to the local health-club gym for some extra conditioning exercise.

Evenings are usually spent relaxing, watching a movie and having dinner and talking with new found friends of the great challenges ahead, running wise. If you want we can even arrange for you to have a soothing professional sports massage at the end of a tough day.

To learn more about the best Cross Country Runs around and near to Sturmer Hall please email and be sure to let us know the date or dates you have in mind for your visit. Alternatively give us a call on 01440 705368 if you prefer to communicate that way.